By Lexus Stokes

One of the biggest things that drew me to this opportunity was definitely the art component. The act of creating and viewing art can be a healing, enlightening, and fun process. Art can also challenge us to express ourselves differently and think through communications in a new way. At Northeast Middle School, art allows us to interact with important social justice concepts through a fun and creative outlet. The best part is that art can look like so many different things. My favorite art piece that we have made thus far was actually created with our bodies. In groups, we were given a word such as “injustice” or “loneliness”, and then positioned our bodies to create a tableau or still scene that represents that word. Everyone else in the audience had the task of guessing the word. Activities like this allow the middle schoolers, undergrads, and even teachers to think through questions like: what might injustice look like? What does it feel like to embody words like injustice, loneliness, invisible?

Art also allows us to interact with the topics in ways that may make us more comfortable. For some, art may allow us to share and show what we feel in a way that is easier than saying it with words. At the same time, art may also feel very personal, and sharing it with others may require us to practice some vulnerability. I look forward to the ways that we get to use our upcoming art projects, including vision boards, zines, and digital stories, to express ourselves and connect with one another!